Immerse yourself in the richly hued textures of a Robert Reynolds landcape, and you will understand why Southwest Art magazine recently named him one of the country's 'Artists to Watch'.

Born in Golden, Colorado, a young Robert spent many years trailing after and attempting to mimic his father, an accomplished watercolorist. His natural leaning to the artistic led him to pursue a bachelor's in Fine Arts at Colorado State University in Ft. Collins. There, a wanderlust was born within him, leading him to exotic and far-flung locales such as Paris, Seoul, Tibet, Nepal, Bangkok, New York, and Tokyo. Alighting India long enough to earn a Masters degree from Visva-Bahrati University. His vast knowledge of global terrain continues to influence his artwork.

Reynold's extensive travels also instilled a deep-seated respect and love of nature. His vision of the Earth as sacred, closely aligns with his interest in Native American and Spanish culture, making New Mexico the natural choice when it came to settling down. Wide open vistas, ever-changing light and stunning panoramas of natural history continue to inspire Robert. His work, infused with the tactile nature of his surroundings, is created using energetic brush strokes and layers of lush oil paint applied with palette knives. Robert prefers to paint plein air but often completes his paintings in his studio, continuing to instill in each piece a memory of everything he was affected by when putting brush to canvas. While striving to encapsulate every sense of a scene, he remains open to the spontaneity of direction any painting might take.


"Painting has become a way to understand and interpret the magic of a landscape", Reynolds explains. "I hope to convey the passion I feel when viewing the totality of a scene. The warmth of the sun, the wind picking up, the energy filling the Earth, the sky, and me."

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